We at WhizNets enable you to realize your solutions and achieve superior return on investment.

We address the challenges of a continuously evolving connected ecosystem by innovation and collaboration. Our portfolio of products and services provides all the pieces – modules & devices, device connectivity, cloud services, application enablement, data analytics – to get your connected solutions strategy to market quickly.

We provide to you not only the innovative technology solution but also bring valuable industry partnerships and expert know-how developed over many years serving customers for connected solutions in every subcontinent of the world doing multitude of activities together with customers.

Our ready to deploy IoT modules & devices, cloud platform infrastructure and applications products enable you to generate value at the different stages of the data value which allows people and enterprise to be mobile, interactive and available, increasing the overall productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. The solution serves the application requirements across many verticals.

  • Energy conservation
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Transportation
  • Smart buildings
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare

WhizNets service and product offerings enable you to deliver intelligent wireless solutions that simplify the connected world. From many years we are providing easy integration of

  • Wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi, WIMAX, LTE)
  • Sensors for M2M and IoT
  • Cloud IoT IoE platform integration
  • Android Platform and Applications
  • Customized system development
  • Testing and Inter-op

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