Android 4G Wifi Solutions

The growth of Android smart devices has fueled demand for multiple wireless connectivity’s in a single device. WhizNets exposure to multiple wireless technologies has been instrumental in acquiring the skill to service the requirements of multi-wireless systems. WhizNets multi-wireless skill includes integrating WiMAX, LTE, WiFi on a Panda board using the USB and SDIO interfaces. The simple software interface is designed to allow new or existing applications to be wireless enabled in no time. Android WiMAX system services enable equipment manufacturers, design manufacturers, operators and system integrators to propel innovative verticals applications.

We provide you service as part of eco system of Chip vendor, OEM/ODM, Operator working together as a team.

  • WiFi
  • WiMAX
  • LTE
  • Android OS Support
  • UART via RS-232 interface
  • Audio Input & Output Connectors
  • HDMI Connector
  • Camera Connector
  • LCD Expansion Connectors

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