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  • Natural Resources
  • Air Quality
  • Energy IoT
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  • GPS Tracking
  • Meters Monitoring
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WhizNets establishes the full potential of resources by utilizing the latest technology including IoT devices, Mobile applications, and Cloud infrastructure. Our use of this technology provides benefits of lower consumption and a superior return on investment. We provide all the pre-integrated proven system components of hardware and software to cover a wide range of applications.

IoT Solutions

Senso Cloud


In the Internet of Things (IoT) world, data needs to be reliably collected from millions of things, quickly transformed into actionable intelligent information.

IoT WiFi Module

Wireless Modules

IoT Modules connects to your host CPU over SPI/SDIO/UART interface and helps you to save one extra CPU cost by directly integrating the low footprint SDK.

mobie ats


WhizReport is a state of the art highly configurable smart field reporting mobile cloud solution specifically designed for a business that manages team of field executives.



WhizNets’ Automated Test System is an integrated, cost-effective test system solution designed for testing Android mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.

IoT Services

Mobile Application Development

WhizNets deliver high quality, flexible mobile applications as part of our end to end IoT solutions development services, that are easy to maintain.

cloud development

IoT Devices Development

IoT devices usually require sensors for converting real world data to a measured value, a processing unit and a communication interface.

Cloud IoT Development

Cloud Development

We have entered an era of the Internet of Things (IoT). Everyday more and more machines, sensors, and systems are deployed that collect copious amounts of data.

wifi testing

Interoperability & Compliance

The embedded device market is growing at a phenomenal pace requiring new devices with diversified features to be launched.

"We provide you with not only innovative technology solutions but also valuable industry partnerships and expert know-how developed over many years from serving our customers."

WhizNets pre integrated ready to go solutions enable rapid end-to-end "smart" "innovative" applications for a wide range of verticals including:

  • Energy conservation
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Transportation
  • Energy Management
  • Android Phone Manufacturers
  • Automation manufacturers
  • Field staff management
  • Field staff reporting
  • Smart buildings
  • Healthcare
  • Air Quality
  • Water Management
IoT Products Solution
IoT Solutions
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