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WhizNets IoT wireless wifi mobile and cloud solutions with AI and machine learning algorithms establishes the full potential of resources by utilizing the latest technology including IoT devices, Mobile applications, and Cloud infrastructure. Our use of this technology provides benefits of efficient consumption and a superior return on investment. We provide all the pre-integrated proven system components of hardware and software to cover a wide range of applications. Supported by WiFi modules, Sensor Cloud platform and mobile applications to develop and manage IoT devices based on microcontrollers, processors and vertical applications in the space of logistics, security, automation, Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our solutions and services portfolio covers wide range of applications and platforms based on Linux, Android, Node.js, RTOS, NoOS, Java, Java Script, .Net, ARM Cortex, x86

IoT Solutions

Senso Cloud


In the Internet of Things (IoT) world, data needs to be reliably collected from millions of things, quickly transformed into actionable intelligent information. SensoCloud platform provides required AI and machine learning capabilities to automate decision making and easy management of resources in day to day life for consumers and industries. Platform using state of the art technologies scales well as your requirements grow. SensoCloud architecture makes it highly configurable for specific vertical application needs. Applications include logistics, security, factory automation, utility monitoring billing and control, and customer self management portals with mobile access and custom modular UI interface. License and deploy the pre-configured VM in minutes on as small configuration as one server of minimal configuration and expand as your user base and load balancing with high availability requirements grow.

IoT WiFi Module

Wireless Modules

IoT modules like WiFi Modules, BLE modules, 3G/4G modules connects to your host CPU over SPI/SDIO/UART/USB interface and helps you create IoT applications using sensors and connectivity technologies. Our associated mature software portfolio stack and reference designs across multiple platforms makes it easy to develop cloud connected IoT applications in few hours. Make utility, logistics, security, industrial automation, home automation and so on. Just need an idea and you can create it very easily with minimal investment using our portoflio of products, experience and skills.


IoT Services

  cloud development

IoT Devices Development

IoT devices usually require sensors for converting real world data to a measured value, a processing unit and a communication interface. Our team of experienced engineers as an organizations have 100's of years of experience developing these devices using highly optimized cost effective latest technologies. Our existing portfolio components provides all the LEGO blocks of IoT solution to have a very fast and low cost development of products. Devices can be based on Linux, Android , RTOS or OSless depending on requirement of specific application.

Cloud IoT Development

Cloud & Mobile Development

We have entered an era of the Internet of Things (IoT). Everyday more and more machines, sensors, and systems are deployed that collect copious amounts of data. All this data needs to be intelligently managed to derive actions. We provide development services using our experienced team and portfolio commponents to provide highly intelligent fast and cost effective solution. You host it in premises or at third party cloud like AWS, Azure our solutions are scalable. Mobile applications for Android and iOS (iPhone) complement the todays consumption pattern for notifications and information management and control.


"We provide you with not only innovative technology solutions but also valuable industry partnerships and expert know-how developed over many years from serving our customers."

WhizNets pre integrated ready to go solutions enable rapid end-to-end "smart" "innovative" applications for a wide range of verticals including:

  • Energy conservation
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Transportation
  • Energy Management
  • Android Phone Manufacturers
  • Automation manufacturers
  • Field staff management
  • Field staff reporting
  • Smart buildings
  • Healthcare
  • Air Quality
  • Water Management
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IoT Solutions
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