• Internet of Thinks
  • Natural Resources
  • Air Quality
  • Energy IoT
  • Water Flow Solution
  • GPS Tracking
  • Meters Monitoring
  • Internet of Think
  • IoT Cloud Platform

Our professionally developed services and solutions help you bring your IoT solution to market faster. For many years, we have been serving a worldwide customer base using our know-how of various core technologies together with valuable partnerships. We help you connect your IoT products and services through all stages of development whether it be picking the right approach to mobile development or using raw data, received from our devices or your own, to produce meaningful data. Links below will provide more information to you regarding some of the innovative solutions we have developed for customers worldwide   


IoT Cloud Development IoT Devices Development


  • Connect anything to anything, wirelessly
  • Ultra-low power, battery operated systems
  • Embedded system hardware & software development
  • WiFi, 3G, 4G, 802.15.4, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID etc.
  • Full turn-key solutions

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iot cloud development Cloud & Mobile Development


  • Cloud application architecture design service
  • Cloud application development service
  • On-demand, custom dashboards
  • Integration with analytics-as-a-service in the cloud
  • Data visual analyses as analytic tools

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