"Doctors, Labs, Diagnostics, and Patients all strive for low cost in time high-quality healthcare. Improving the efficiency of co-ordination and communication using technological innovations can be the key to do more with less, as well as innovate continuously to improve healthcare quality."
DocPok is the answer to efficiency quality and ease of access for individual practices, labs, diagnostic labs or small to mid-size clinics and hospitals providing outpatient services with no upfront Time and Money investments.

DocPok is a preventive healthcare innovation which adds an edge by creating an ecosystem in which independent facilities can thrive, creating a more comfortable environment for both the patient and other organizations involved in healthcare services.

Key factors handled by Docpok

Electronic medical records EMR

Docpok Value Proposition

  • Better patient experience by creating electronic medical records orders
  • Make informed decisions with quick access to healthcare trends
  • No more depending on memories for historical trends
  • Save time by quick access to review patient records
  • Direct communication with other service providers
  • Quick patient processing keeping quality in place
  • Better patient diagnosis and treatment
  • No more missing or forgotten records
  • No more carrying the files around



Benefits for the Patient

Benefits healthcare providers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do payments work between the patient and the medical provider? 
A: A bill can be viewed through the application; however, payment is made directly through your service provider by the payment options provided in the bill.

Q: Can I use this app on any device? 
A: Yes, it works on mobile, tablet, and desktops/laptops. 

Q: I want a feature added. Where can I ask for more features?
A: Reach out to our team for more features and development you want to see.
Q: Who has access to my medical records?
A: Only trusted doctors you add in your service providers will be allowed to see your profile.

Q: How do I set lab/diagnostic appointments?
A: Currently you have to set these appointments through the messaging system or other means.

Q: What do I do if I don't see my doctor in the system?
A: You can still use the app as a personal system to track your health. If you think your doctor isn't in the system due to some errors, feel free to contact our team.

Q: How many medical providers can I add?
A: Unlimited amount, it is up to you how many providers you wish to have. 
Q: I don't see my specialization in the services. How do I add it?
A: Contact our team, and we can add the service into the system.

Q: How do I become available for patients? 
A: After requesting visibility in settings, the administrator will approve your account, and it can then be seen by patients.

Q: I don't see a patient that had made an appointment with me in the past. 
A: It is possible that the patient removed you as a doctor, contact our team for further clarification.
Q: How can I add lab tests not currently on the portal?
A: Contact our team, and we can add the lab into the system.

Q: How will patients find me as a lab? 
A: Based on the location of a patient, we will add labs near that patient to their account.
Q: How can I add diagnostic tests not currently on the portal?
A: Contact our team, and we can add the diagnostic into the system.

Q: How will patients find me as a diagnostics lab? 
A: Based on the location of a patient we will add diagnostic labs near that patient to their account.

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