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The embedded device market is growing at a phenomenal pace requiring new devices with diversified features to be launched. There is a growing requirement of ODMs, OEMs, chip vendors and device operators to launch these devices in market in least time and minimal cost after validating their features, reliability and stability

WhizNets has developed a portfolio aimed at serving these ‘Test & Interoperability’ requirements. Our knowledge pool of various testing tools, methodologies and technologies enable us to innovate, develop and execute dynamic and static scenarios, evaluating the product from top to bottom enhancing end user experience.

We provide a one stop solution for your need of:

  • Specialized/Customized Test Services
  • Turnkey Test Services
  • Test Automation Services
  • Lab Management Services
  • Interoperability and Compliance Test Services
  • FCC & Worldwide Carrier Approval Testing Service

WhizNets experience in IOT services includes conducting WiFi regression, interoperability, functional testing for a Tier I semi-conductor company; WiMAX device evaluation, field testing and lab management for a 4G network operator; WiMAX/LTE device evaluation for a chip manufacturer; WiFi pre-certification, device approval for an ODM and many more over a host of environments such as Linux, Android, Windows, Chrome OS, RTOS and super loop.

The various test activities we have done for our customers include

  • Interoperability testing
  • Functional testing
  • Regression testing
  • Integration testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Field/Mobility testing
  • Pre-certification benchmarking
  • EMI/EMC compliance pre-testing
  • Lab management
  • Device evaluation
  • Device approval

Our flexible business model and versatile team enables us to meet your expectations from time to time which includes scaling up resource requirements, meet tight deadlines, round the clock product verification, high level of technical expertise, managing resource replacement with virtually no impact, complete management of test process which translates to high ROI and minimal TTM.


Automated Test Bench

The growing testing needs of semiconductor customer for WLAN driver was a motivation for the Automated Test Bench development. Test bench increased productivity and accuracy of results generated neutralizing the humane factors effecting the test cycle.

Embedded system and specific test requirements of customer required the development of a customized test bench. The highly customized automated test bench integrated various Access Point’s, DUTs and multiple test software’s and equipment for WLAN Protocol Testing. Advanced tools such as wireless sniffers, traffic generators, authentication servers, third party devices etc were integrated together to configure, control and execute the tests. Test bench was maintained regularly for test plan additions and improvements.

WLAN Interoperability & Pre-Certification Testing

Interoperability testing services provided to the customer involved bringing up of various vendor devices some of which have specialized features and configuring them to interoperate with DUT. Pre-certification activities involved validating the DUT based on various certification test requirements such as WPA, WPA2, WMM, CCX v1/2/3/4/5.

An Interoperability lab was setup with-in premises to cater to the test requirements. Extensive test plans based on various features of DUT and other vendor devices with hundreds of test cases covering all various aspects of performance, stability and compliance were created. A dedicated team executed tests on multiple setups employing innovative ways to utilize the extremely expensive equipment optimally and also to cut down on test turnaround time.

FCC - CE and Device Certification Testing

The FCC/CE and device certification services provided to customers required the device to obtain FCC/CE certification from an accredited lab after going through a regressive validation cycle.

The testing not only required validating the device to qualify for certification but also test the complete system which include components such as Network stack, FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3 and Telnet applications running in a super loop. Qualification of device for certification involved activities of understanding the certification requirements and developing application specific device test procedures to conduct testing which required the use of spectrum analyzer, power meter, RF chamber, etc.

Multi-Wireless Bridge Field Validation

The field – mobility services provided to customer for a multi-wireless, multi-interface system required measuring the performance, validate functionality and reliability of the system in real environment. The system was functionally validated regressively as well as deployed on service utility vehicles and monitored regularly during the trial.

The field validation team deployed the system on service utility vehicles at night and then monitored the system during daytime when the vehicle moved throughout the city. Logs were collected to check for switching of the system between various wireless interfaces. Functional and stability test were conducted in a controlled environment for optimal device performance. Analysis reports prepared and submitted for stakeholders’ evaluation.

WiMAX device evaluation and Field/Mobility Testing

WiMAX device and field/mobility testing services to customer required device evaluation based on various parameters such as throughput, network entry time, handover latency, performance in low signal area’s etc to ensure best interoperability of the device to its newly deployed 4G network. Customer was running against time to launch its 4G network and distribute network compatible devices in the market.

The activity initially involved chalking out test plans, coordinating with multiple vendors and setup of WiMAX lab with equipment for testing such as RAS, Azimuth’s ACE channel emulator, RF cables, Attenuators, Splitters, RF boxes etc. Locations were identified with signal conditions favorable for testing and mobile equipment infrastructure such as GPS, XCAL etc for test execution.

WiMAX/LTE Device Validation

The WiMAX/LTE Device Validation services for customer required the device driver for their 4G device to be checked functionally and regressively on multiple platforms and operating systems.

Some operating systems have their own benchmark tools and certification programs to ensure best interoperability of the device to a specific platform/OS combination such as Windows CE Test Kit (CETK) and Android SDK Test tool. The activity required validating the device driver on the various tools as well as validating them on multiple platforms such as OMAP3/4, Beagle Board, Panda Board, Nvidia Tegra etc over multiple interfaces such as USB, SDIO and mini PCIe.

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