The WHZ5178 is a full-featured Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n module that includes support for high linear output power and IEEE 802.11i security.

The module is a complete stand-alone device with a small footprint which makes WiFi technology easy to embed into new or existing designs. The module provides SDIO/SPI interface to communicate with a variety of host devices. The pre-tested module eliminates the need to create custom WLAN designs, resulting in greatly reduced development risk, costs and time-to-market.

WHZ5178 is an embedded IEEE 802.11bgn WiFi PCB module created using WHZ4178 to interface directly with the variety of micro-controller. Module supports client and SoftAP mode. Module supports SPI & SDIO interface and has support for no OS, RTOS or Linux based platforms, so you can use the module across your multiple product lines providing you a benefit of lower product cost, inventory cost and learning cost.

WHZ5178 module eliminates the need to create custom WLAN designs, resulting in greatly reduced development risk, costs and time-to-market. A small size 25.4mm x 25.4mm reduces board space and low memory footprint WLAN SDK for no OS, RTOS & embedded Linux provides a Wireless (WLAN) connectivity to micro-controller based products. The module is available in small to large quantities.

Configuration with WLAN driver and TCP/IP stack running on your host micro-controller
For fast integration and product development reference working sample projects for multiple CPU families and tool chains available with off the shelf LwIP TCPIP stack
  • Host Interface
    • SPI interface to microcontroller MISO, MOSI, CLOCK, CHIP SELECT, RESET, INTERRUPT
    • SDIO interface to microcontroller DATA0, DATA1, DATA2, DATA3, CMD, CLOCK
  • Powered by +3.3V DC supply
  • Design based on WHZ4178 SMD module
  • On module chip antenna and U.FL connector allows creating internal or external antenna based products
    • Choice of SMD chip antenna or flex cable antenna for internal antenna product
    • External Omni-directional antenna for external antenna product configuration
  • Reference schematics and designs available
  • Fully integrated small form factor
  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n compliant
  • Support SPI & SDIO interface
  • Support for IEEE802.11i advanced security enhancements
  • Support for IEEE802.11e QoS
  • Support for Access Point tethering functionality (Soft AP)
  • EEPROM and Full-RF front-end integrated for WiFi
  • Excellent GSM/GPRS/DCS/PCS/WCDMA/GPS radio coexistence
  • Support for drivers for Linux, RTOS and OS-less system
  • RoHS compliant
  • Software driver SDK Support
    • NOOS (NO operating system)
    • RTOS (Real-time operating system)
    • Embedded Linux
  • Software driver with advance security and roaming support
  • Small footprint driver SDK
  • Smart and Simple API interface reduces learning and integration effort
  • Standard Linux network infrastructure
For Linux SDK requirements of SDIO interface, we work together with you to provide a ported SDK for your platform-specific needs. Contact us for discussion on your requirements and a custom quote.
  • TCPIP UDP multiple sockets and client-server
  • DHCP client
  • DHCP server**
  • DNS client
  • HTTP server
  • ARP
  • Sample UART application to demonstrate functionality, use of API's and evaluate functionality on multiple platforms

     **SoftAP Specs
  • WLAN plug-in modules for non-wireless systems
  • Industrial control and networking
  • Home/building automation
  • Cable replacement
  • Printer Server / Multifunctional peripheral with WLAN connectivity
  • Smartphone / PDA / PDA phone / WiFi phone / DSC/ DVC with WiFi connectivity
  • WLAN Standard - IEEE 802.11b/g/n Compliant
  • Host Interface - SPI & SDIO
  • Supply Voltage - 3.3V
  • Frequency Band Channel - 1 to 13
  • Modulation - 64QAM (MCS0-7, 400/800ns 72.2, 65, 58.5, 57.8, 52, 43.3, 39, 28.9, 26, 21.7, 19.5, 14.4, 13, 7.2, 6.5Mbps), 64QAM (54, 48Mbps), 16QAM (36, 24Mbps), QPSK (18, 12Mbps), BPSK (9, 6Mbps); CCK (11, 5.5 Mbps), DQPSK (2 Mbps), DBPSK (1Mbps).STBC reception for MCS0-7
  • Mode - Ad Hoc, Infrastructure
  • Minimum Input Level Receiver Sensitivity - -87 dBm @ 11Mbps -73 dBm @ 54Mbps -69 dBm @ MCS7
  • Transmit output power - +17 dBm for 802.11b +15 dBm for 802.11g +14.5 dBm for 802.11n
  • Encryption - Hardware support for WEP40/64, WEP104/128, AES and TKIP
  • Range - Up to 100 meters in free space
  • Antenna - On board Chip antenna and U.FL connector
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